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Images Enigma 2 for Amiko Allien2
SatStation E2 Alien2 Beta Firmware 21-12-2012
What has been fixed or Changed

1/ Remove Mount Manager to allow hot plug to mount USB drives/sticks
2/ Changes to Softcam manager for better viewing of ecm's etc
3/ Changes to Plugin server to a test server (correct OPKG error)
4/ Removed defaulting to 19.2e -- now defaults to 28.2e
5/ Changed file locations of OScam and MGCam to the more recognisable locations (Softcam manager set as default for Oscam .. you need to change for MgCam use) --usr/emu for Bin file and var/tuxbox/config for config files
6/ Remove CoolTV
7/ Added SwapManager plugin to allow using USB drives/stick for Swap management
8/ DVB-T Terrestrial.xml updated with UK DVB-T, European DVB-C and Ireland DVB-T only
10/ Autobouquets added
11/ Changed Keymap.xml to be more E2 like
12/ Changed LongPress standby to immediate shutdown
13/ Default location for Timeshift/movies changed to media/hdd
14/ Deleted 19.2 channel list and added a Sgt FlipFlop channel list for 28.2e

To access our own Plugins server just Press Menu/Plugins/Green Button

Amiko SHD 8900 Allien Spark Firmware

v1.2.60 beta:
New Features:
- New Web Interface features Channel Switching, EPG
- Streaming Live Channels to PC via local network (experimental function)
- Blind Scan function for SHD-8900 Alien (experimental function)
- Unicable LNB support

- Improved Lip-Sync problems on certain channels
- Improved DVB Subtitle handling (Subtitles did not disappear until the upcoming ones)
- Improved display time for the "USB Device Removed Successfully" message
- Improved TELETEXT display (full screen display and increased font size)
- The record file names include the EPG event title from now on
- Updated Opera Virtual Keyboard
- Improved KartinaTV streaming

- Resolved an issue causing the receiver to hang up when viewing HD channels
- Resolved an issue causing problems with Conax Card activations from Terrestrial or Cable channels
- Fixed the Weather Forecast function

Known Issues:
- KartinaTV VOD playback might stop after 45 minutes
- TELETEXT subtitles might remain visible until the upcoming ones

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