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Nemesis 2.6 107r5
Updated 29.03.2012-13:00

All updates until 105r4 are included
Rewrite device info panel, now are also displayed the network devices
Update Enigma2 to 3.2.2 (20120327) patched by Yang
Move to 2.6 version
Added possibility to disable HDD as a device for epg.dat, swap files and skins
Added possibility to remove HDD on Picon search path
Update CrossEPG to use new Autodiscover EPG (Only for Nemesis Images)
Update Bootlogo for version 2.6 (thanks @XPlanet)
Replaced the eXcort Lux default skin, with the new Nemesis Black Skin by mmark (thanks @mmark & Stardust)
Added possibility to enable/disable Pig Widget on Skin
Blue->Yellow->Setup Skin->Enable Pig Widget on skin
Added developer mode for skinner (Thank's @skaman)
Added Suppprt for Skins on external device
Now you can install skin on, USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices
(At the moment 0nly skins without Python code modification)
Added Autodiscover Picon
Discover on: Flash, USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices and Network Mountpoint
Added Autodiscover swap file
Discover on: USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices
Added Autodiscover epg.dat file
Discover on: Flash, USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices and Network Mountpoint
Added device selection for Picon installation
You can install Picon on: Flash, USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices and Network Mountpoint
Removed Picon Provider, System e Satellite from image
Now you can install it from Blue Panel->Addons
Updated italian CVS translation using german locale as reference (Thank's @blu8)
Updated Nemesis Panel italian translation(Thank's @blu8)
Updated full german locale translation (thanks @bigstar2005)
Updated enigma2-plugins

More languages
Blue - Blue - Packet Management - enigma2-locale-xx

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